Thursday, September 17, 2009

Movie Night - Last Saturday of each month at 7.00pm

Starting on 26th September we will be hosting a movie on the last Saturday of each month at St John Hall, Corlea Gardens at 7.00 pm
The films discussed will generally have a zen or Buddhist tinge.
The first one will be Raising The Ashes , a documentary film made by Michael O'Keefe. In it he records events at a retreat led by Bernie Glassman Roshi on the site of Auschwitz, the former nazi extermination camp in Poland.
As it happens the site Auschwitz was aquired by the nazis and designated a concentration camp in September 1939, seventy years ago.
Most people find it an intense and moving film. It raises many issues about intolerance and the process of healing which have relevance to divided societies like our own.
You can see a clip from Raising the Ashes by clicking here


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