Tuesday, October 28, 2008


1. Try to arrive a little early to help with setting up the room and help put things back before you go.

2. Do not take food, drinks, bags or other belongings to your seat in the zendo. These can safely be left on the chairs at the top of the classroom or on the stage in the big the hall.

3. If you arrive after zazen has started wait outside the zendo until kinhin. Then join the group as quietly as possible.

4. Once the altar is set up observe silence within the zendo until the end of the sitting. (Its OK to talk when arranging the room before and after zazen or if there is in an emergency.)

5. Enter the zendo and get seated shortly before the sitting. The Jikko (practice leader) or the Doan (person ringing the bells) will give a sign a couple of minutes before the start time.

6. Try to remain physically still throughout the sitting. If you do have to move do so mindfully.

7. If you feel unwell bow and leave the zendo quietly. If you need help tell the Jikko. Don’t consult a watch during sitting. Its best not to wear one.